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Review of "Having Fun, Seriously", by Natasha Rogai, The South China Morning Post, 18 August 2009

"... lifted by live music from the excellent four-man McCadden Place Collective"

Wedding of Charmaine and Peter, Mandarin Oriental, December 2008

"It was our wedding day on 10th December 2008 and the MPC played for us at our wedding banquet.

My wife and I both wanted to share a cosy and lively wedding night amongst our families and best friends at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong, and thought a band playing live jazz music for us would have created the ideal atmosphere. And the MPC certainly made it a night for us to remember!

Prior to our wedding, the MPC consulted us on the songs that we would like to be played on our wedding night. Having spoken with us and understood the type of music that we were looking for, the MPC was very professional and helpful in tailoring a list of songs for us to choose from. As I also wanted to surprise my wife with a song of my own on the wedding night, I rehearsed with the MPC a number of times at their studio and they actively made suggestions and recommended variations in how I could have improved on my song and impressed my wife even more! As it turned out, our wedding night went exactly according to our plan with a lot of our guests were dancing on the dancefloor. In fact, we have received a lot of positive feedbacks about our wedding night of which the MPC was a big part!!

Many thanks again to the MPC for their fantastic efforts on our special day. I would highly recommend the MPC to any couple looking to have a memorable wedding."


Bosco Lai & Friends, Club Avenue, February 2009

“Thanks again for the help on such short notice.  Had a great time and wish your band all the best.  Go MPC!”

Bosco Lai

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